Small Business Saturday | Albuquerque Newborn Baby Photographer


Small Business Saturday is the day after the madness of Black Friday. I will be avoiding the Friday craziness again this year. My house is full of stuff. My kids and I don't need more stuff. But I do need some photographs of my girls for our holiday cards, so we'll probably be having a little shoot in the studio or at the park. I might even let Natalie snap a few. She's shown a bit of interest in being a photographer recently. After my studio holiday mini-portrait sessions she pulled out her camera and started bossing me around. "Tilt your head up like this" (turns her neck to such an awkward angle that it almost looks broken) and "smile like this" (scrunches up her face so that her eyes close and it look's like she has a pig nose) and "sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'" (I have no idea where she got the idea that this was part of a portrait session!) were her commands. I did what I was told. Except rehanging the fabric backdrops. I had already put those away.

But anyway, that's the kind of fun I want to have on Black Friday- no madness to fill shopping bags, just some fun time with my girls and my camera.

The next day, Small Business Saturday, I do plan to head out and do some shopping. Earlier this month I entered FedEx's Small Business Saturday Gift Card Giveaway and won a $25 gift card. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm excited for a little extra shopping cash. Plus, I plan to sign-up for American Express $25 statement credit so I'll have another $25 to spend locally! I'm just not sure yet where I'm going to spend all that cash.

I think I'm going to try to stick to a 4 gift per girl idea with: something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. The something to read will be easy to take care of. You'll find me browsing the shelves of Page 1 Bookstore until my neck hurts.

I also want to spread the Small Business Saturday love around so I'm offering my own special, good only on Saturday, November 24th. If you reserve your 2013 portrait session, I'll send you a promotional gift card equal to the value of your session fee to spend on print orders. A standard newborn or family session fee is $75, so you'd get an extra $75 to spend at your ordering session. To take advantage of this offer, just contact me.

Plus, if you've registered your American Express card and use that to pay your session fee, you can get a $25 statement credit from American Express.

Albuquerque readers, I'd love to hear about your favorite local holiday shopping spots. Please share in the comments below!