Kathryn | Albuquerque Newborn Baby Photographer

As she slipped into a deeper sleep, her tiny lips gently parted. A soft sigh whispered on her breath.Later, as she drifted out of sleep, grins danced across her face.

Babies don't usually give their "social smiles" until they're 6 to 8 weeks old. At this age, you can smile and coo at your baby and they'll start rewarding you with a grin in response.

I definitely can't promise parents smiling newborn portraits--but I love when I capture a baby's quickly changing facial expressions to grab one.

Kathryn blessed us with several smiles at her studio newborn session--soft and sweet in the basket and wide-awake with her goofy tongue poking out while in her mama's arms.

Leave a comment to share the love with Kathryn and her parents before you go. If your interested in trying your luck to capture a smile for your own newborn, contact me to start planning your session.

How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids Workshop | Albuquerque Baby Photographer

My first daughter had been home for all of two days when my camera BROKE! Sure, I'd hired a newborn photographer to take her first portraits--but what about all those in between moments? My rising desperation as I tried and tried to fix my camera taught me just how important it was to photograph those everyday 

This month, I'm partnering with La Puerta de los Ninos to offer an adult education class "How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids." We'll cover reading and using light, interacting with your kids, and a few basic camera tips. It doesn't matter if you use your phone, a simple point and shoot, or are learning to use a fancy DSLR--you'll learn to create beautiful memories for your children.

The class will be held on Thursday, April 17th at 6 pm. The cost for the class is $10. Please RSVP by calling La Puerta at 884-2999

What to bring:

  • your kids (fun and loving childcare is provided)
  • your camera (this session will be interactive)
  • a good luck charm to win a fun door prize
  • your friends (the more, the merrier)

Avery | Albuquerque Newborn Baby Photography

Just like a baby doll, her eyes softly close as I lay her down. Her mom, dad, grandma, and uncle watch from the sofa in whispered quiet as I gently transition her from pose to pose.

As I shoot, Avery begins to stir a bit with each flash of light. The corners of her mouth crinkling into sweet little smiles. I pop the light a few extra times, just to make sure I get the grins on camera.

Don't be fooled though. Avery may have been an innocent sweetie, but she can sure dish it out to her dad. After snuggling up to her dad for a few sweet shots, she made sure that he had to exit stage left for a wardrobe change. 

See that look on her face? Her daddy made one just like that about 3 seconds later!

Interested in a newborn session for your own bundle of joy? Contact me to start planning today.