The Sweetest Babies of 2014

It is time to celebrate the end of a beautiful year of babies with a little contest. Check out these sweeties below and vote for your favorite.  To vote, just leave a comment below with the sweetest baby's name. Only one vote per person counts. And don't forget to share this post with your friends and family members so they can vote too.

The sweetest baby will win a 1st birthday cake smash session and 16 x 20 canvas gallery wrap.

Voting ends at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 9th.

Ignacio | Albuquerque Newborn Baby Photographer

Way back in college I had a wonderful yoga instructor who led a challenging, but peaceful class. Practicing two days a week, I found a strength and calmness in the midst 20 credit hour course loads. I don't practice very often now and I've yet to find an instructor that I enjoy quite so much.

I was at the gym the other day, trying out a new yoga class in my ever-elusive search for yoga class nirvana. Waiting outside the locked studio, I flipped through my fun as the hallway filled with older women. I was getting a little uncomfortable, worried that I was accidentally signed up for one of the senior classes. Would they kick me out for being too young? I might have slid away, but I hadn't brought clothes or shoes for running. 

I couldn't help eavesdropping on the conversations. One woman pulled out a slightly crinkled photograph of her granddaughter and shared it with the silver-streaked brunette standing next to her. The brunette told a story about her own grandchildren visiting just the week before.

"They wore my out. But, you know, I can really enjoy them so much more than I did raising my own kids. I get to spoil them and then send them back to their mother. With my own kids, I was just always caught up in the craziness of every day."

Newborn sessions bring me back to that same calm place that I'm still searching for in another yoga class. I might sweat a little in the womb-like heat as I bend and contort myself over a beanbag. But like the grandmothers at the gym, being just a bit removed from the craziness that is mothering a newborn I can really enjoy them.

Setting up for Ignacio's newborn session, I shifted the coffee table to the side and set up my bag and backdrops in the sunlit living room. Not long into the session, his grandmother came in the front door. Her smile spread from cheek to cheek as she saw her grandson resting sweetly on the bean bag.

I love it when grandmothers are home for newborn sessions. They have a calm and appreciation than many moms, especially the new first-time moms, haven't found yet.

New moms are sleep-deprived and worrying about feeding schedules and counting diapers and ounces gained. It's hard to soak in all the peace and beauty of your little one to store it away in your memories and I think that's why newborn photography is so popular. When you're rested again and have a little more time and space away from the pressing demands on you, you can really appreciate your little one.

Ignacio Sr. gave a long-lasting Valentine's gift when he gave Regina a Belly to Baby package. Check out her maternity session.

Bennett and Canaan | Albuquerque Newborn Baby Twins Photographer

Growing up, I always felt cheated because I didn't have a twin sister. I secretly hoped to find a long-lost twin like in The Parent Trap and have someone to share all my secrets with. Because really, little brothers don't cut it and my baby sister came so late that my mom and I were constantly embarrassed when people assumed she was my child.

I hope these two enjoy the closeness that I longed for. Seeing these two snuggled up together, I imagine their boyhood play in a pretend fort and late night conversations and rough-housing long after bedtime.

Newborn babies develop unique personalities at a very young age and there's nothing like a twin session to remind me. Canaan is the tiny one, with a long, slender body and a little more alert to the world. Bennett weighed a bit more and was content to sleep, even as I snuggled Canaan on top of him.

You were great with my boys. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to photograph twins.
— Christine

Christine, I promise it wasn't too difficult. In fact, it was twice the fun of a singleton newborn session. So much so that I offer a multiples discount for newborn sessions. Contact me if you're expecting for all the details.