How far in advance should I schedule my newborn session?

I accept only 4 newborns each month so that I can provide the highest level of service for my clients. I recommend that you contact me at the start of your third trimester to reserve your due date. Then, when you and baby come home from the hospital, give me a call to schedule the specific day and time for your newborn session. I prefer to photograph newborns within the first two weeks, while they're still super sleepy and curled up.

When should I schedule my maternity portraits?

Most women look and feel their best between 32 and 36 weeks. This gives you enough time to develop a beautiful, round belly without feeling too big and tired for your portrait session.

Can I include my partner and other children in my maternity portraits?

Yes! While you and your baby belly will be the main focus of the portrait session, I believe it's also important to capture the whole family's excitement for the new little bundle of joy. So, please, ask them to participate as well.

Do you just photograph my baby at the newborn session?

Nope. I strongly encourage you and your partner to plan to be in some of the images at your newborn session. I know, I know. Your body is back to normal yet and you're not getting nearly enough sleep. But, there is nothing more beautiful than parents' love for and wonder at their newborn baby. Trust me, you'll spend lots of time behind the camera capturing your baby. Spend a few minutes in front of mine now--later you will treasure these images that show how tiny your baby was in your arms.

Siblings are welcome, too. However, I would plan to have a friend or other family member to take young siblings out for a little fun after their photographs. Newborn sessions often last 2-4 hours and that's a long time for toddlers and young children to hang around.

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